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The PESTO KIT contains the ingredients to make the Ligurian dish par excellence.

The Pesto Kit contains:

Pesto recipe written and video recipe with limited access.
Trofie, from the Alta Valle Scrivia pasta factory, 500 gr
Extra virgin olive oil 175 ml of the Ligurian Frantoio Novella.
Parmesan Cheese DOP: 150 gr of Parmigiano Reggiano from the Milanello Dairy
Pine nuts: 30 gr of pine nuts, selected and coming exclusively from the Mediterranean area.
Basil: Basil from the Ligurian area of Prà.
Pecorino cheese: 150 gr of freshly grated, 100% Sardinian Pecorino.


Mediterranean aromatic plant par excellence, the Basil has indissolubly linked part of its history to that of Liguria, in particular to the Pra 'area located in the west of Genoa, now considered the capital of Basil.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian is the natural juice of the best olives, harvested and pressed within 24-48 hours and for this reason it retains all its properties, both organoleptic and nutritional .


A maturation of at least 24 months, with a crumbly and grainy dough and which at the same time has a perfect balance between sweet and salty, highly digestible, it can be used in all gastronomic preparations and can also be enjoyed grated on first courses.


A skilful aging of at least six months gives the Pecorino Sardo DOP, Pinna a great character. Only the best 100% Sardinian sheep's milk for a pleasantly tasty cheese which, skilfully combined with other products, guarantees an incomparable result.


The key ingredient of the recipe is pine nuts . Packaged directly in Liguria and coming from the Mediterranean area, essential for combining the flavor of the various ingredients within the kit.


Pasta from Alta Valle Scrivia is a regional specialty. A healthy and genuine product, from the field to the table, with only natural and local ingredients, without the addition of dyes and aromas, processed with pure spring water. It is a pasta that conquers the palate and the heart and that tells the story of the people of this unique land - Liguria.
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