Who we are

The ' Pesto Kit ' project was born in 2019 from the idea of four young guys: Marco Donato, Federico Pittaluga, Mattia Pittaluga and Edoardo Tomatis and from the common desire to introduce a ' Kit 'complete with everything necessary to satisfy the finest palates, through the Genoese mother sauce par excellence: Pesto .

Marco Donato: Completely different characters, which only a gym could combine. Passion and perseverance are the thing that unites us in having carried out this project. An innovative product to take to people's homes, where people can try their hand at making Pesto, with the best products of our land. Innovation and creation are the basis for enjoying a good pesto with the family. "

Federico Pittaluga: One of the goals we set ourselves in conceiving this project is simplicity. Simplicity in the ingredients that make up this "mother sauce", as our chef Danilo Vallarino says. But above all simplicity in composing to ensure that everyone can bring a piece of Genoa into their kitchen. The Pesto Kit is just that, the desire to bring Genoa into a large family. "

Mattia Pittaluga: " I believe that the future of the food sector is closely linked to the concept of 'self made', a product that allows any individual of any age to make more or less complicated recipes using products from various Italian regions. The Pesto Kit is an example of what the future of the food sector could be. "

Edoardo Tomatis: Four friends, many passions in common, including food! Or rather, eating well! With this project we will try to bring quality products to the table. For several months we have been touring various suppliers in search of the best ingredient to offer you. Consistency and determination is what distinguishes us from others and is essential to start this project together. "

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